We are excited to bring you the Pin Up Clinic 2011 Calendar.

This Calendar is the product of the creative collaboration of many hard working women who had fun

while bringing awareness to a cause that they all have needed to be a part of : affordable women’s health care.

Originally this project was slated to raise money for the Womens Choice Clinic of Oakland, which sadly had to close its doors due to the state financial crisis and an of over all lack of funding. We are all very sad that this clinic is no longer able to provide heath services to those who need it most, and we want to make sure that this does not happen again by supporting a clinic that is currently able to provide a safe, welcoming environment where uninsured women can access high quality heath services. The profits of this calendar will be donated to the Womens Community Clinic in San Francisco, to learn more about them go to their web site at http://www.womenscommunityclinic.org/

Monday, September 20, 2010

Introducing Vanessa Jean

We have decided to tantalize all of you out there on the fence to take some behind the scene looks at our calender without giving away all the juicy details.....

Here we have the queen of zines Vanessa Jean!

These outtakes are spicy and should get your orders in PLEASE PLEASE!

We are waiting for 75 more calenders to be pre-ordered to make and raise $5000 dollars to women's health!!!


Here's a little about her :

name: Vanessa Jean
sign: Leo
age: 27
occupation: jack of all trades
quote: ''Never go to bed angry."
website: www.lubricatedzine.blogspot.com
likes: records, dalias, white peaches, cowboy boots, family & friends.